Marathon Unveils New Endurance Multiprocessor for NT Uptime

Marathon Technologies, which makes hardware and software that guarantees so-called five nines availability (99.999 percent uptime) on Intel-based servers, has unveiled the multiprocessor Endurance 6200.

The Endurance system enables Intel servers to continue computing operations through component failures, hot swaps and "blue-screens." Marathon's No Touch Recovery allows new components to be automatically assimilated into the server array, thereby restoring full redundancy without human intervention and without performance degradation. The entire process occurs transparently to end users.

This high availability solution carries a relatively low price tag—it allows users to employ existing servers and storage, and combine them with off-the-shelf Windows NT/2000 software.

The Endurance 6200 offers several new features, including support for multiprocessing. With this move—from single-processor to multiprocessor support—Marathon is providing a significant increase in scalability. Other new features include systems storage compatibility, improved graphics support, standard SplitSite capability (providing geographical separation for disaster tolerance), high-performance throughput (to accommodate large-volume transaction procession), and local and remote system management and monitoring for multiple client types. Improvements in long-distance point-to-point interconnection, video display capabilities and enhancements to Marathon's Endurance Manager provide for voice over IP and wireless communications.

Since users are far from confident about application availability on Windows servers, Marathon has found a solid niche in the Intel-based server market, attracting partners like HP, which has incorporated Marathon's Endurance products in its NetServer systems since June of last year.

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