UMAX Spins Off MaxGate

UMAX Technologies has spun-off MaxGate Inc. as a fully independent corporation with an exclusive focus on providing comprehensive network infrastructure and Internet gateway-sharing solutions. MaxGate provides highly integrated interface solutions for broadband access, Voice over IP (VoIP) and Internet security and addresses the swelling demand for networking products that are simple, affordable, updateable and highly expandable.

The MaxGate spin-off continues the UMAX tradition of innovation and accurate technical forecasts, reflected in its major investment in VA Linux Systems three years ago. It is this early involvement in the development of Internet turnkey solutions that has positioned MaxGate's sharing gateway products as having high compatibility with most Internet applications.

MaxGate will carry on the work of the Networking Communication Division of UMAX Technologies, which began three years ago to develop shared gateway and Internet turnkey solutions. "While UMAX is dedicated to industry-leading imaging solutions we've created MaxGate to build a clear, sharp and uncompromising focus on complete, affordable Internet networking products for medium-to-SOHO markets" says Vincent Tai, President of Maxgate.

MaxGate will continue to provide affordable, platform-independent networking hardware, and will focus on continual development of products like multi-featured hubs and gateways that are transparent to users of any TCP/IP network.

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