IBM Beefs Up Commitment to Linux

Jim Martin

Reconfirming and strengthening its commitment to Linux, IBM has announced several new hardware and software offerings along with a series of initiatives designed to help its developers and reseller partners develop and install Linux solutions.

On the hardware front, SuSE for Linux for RS/6000 has been certified on RS/6000 B50 rack mountable servers for service providers, the 43P Model 150-entry servers and workstations and F-50 deskside servers for departments and small organizations. Support for other RS/6000 will come later on in the year.

IBM also announced that it plans to offer Linux on the AS/400, opening up a new stream of e-business applications that complements the AS/400.

As part of its Linux focus, IBM will support development of Linux applications and provide Linux training, education and certification to its more than 90,000 resellers, solution providers and ISVs.

Some of the other announcements include: ThinkPad A20m and T20 models pre-configured with Caldera OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4; a new WebSphere Application server for Linux; and a new small business pack for Linux, a promotional offering of IBM middleware.

“Marketplace momentum for Linux is growing because of its universal appeal, which brings with it the potential for huge innovation across the industry, much as we saw with the Internet five years ago,” says Irving Wladawsky-Berger, VP technology and strategy, IBM Enterprise System Group. “With these offerings, IBM is affirming its support for Linux and enlisting support of its partners to increase Linux penetration among businesses of all sizes.”

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