Taylor Systems, iWork Team on Manufacturing Solutions

Joanna Doyle

iWork Software (Greensboro, N.C.) has named Taylor Manufacturing Systems (Atlanta) as an Application Alliance Partner, which will allow Taylor to develop an integrated framework between its shop floor applications and iWork’s e-business integration products.

“Taylor demonstrates the effectiveness of their scheduling products for competitive manufacturing enterprises in major implementations with our products,” says Harry Falk, iWork president and COO. “Our alliance assures stable, real-time communication between production scheduling and ERP and, ultimately, a more comprehensive e-manufacturing solution that can integrate with a customer’s supply chain.”

Under the partnership agreement, Taylor will resell dcXchange, iWork’s data transfer and transformation tool.

Taylor Manufacturing Systems’ industrial software, TESS and HatTrick, offer production scheduling, workflow events notification and shop floor monitoring. In addition to developing point-to-point interfaces between its shop floor applications and iWork’s products, Taylor will use dcXchange to build an adapter to iWork’s new dcServ framework, set to be released this fall. dcXchange, a component of dcServ, will integrate Taylor’s production scheduling systems and the dcServ framework using standard XML documents and DTDs.

“Customers will find that dcXchange reduces the cost of installing and configuring an advanced production scheduling system from Taylor Manufacturing Systems,” says Neil Taylor, president and CEO of Taylor Manufacturing.

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