HiT Software Extends Support to SilverStream Server

A recently announced alliance between HiT Software Inc. (San Jose, Calif.) and SilverStream Software Inc. (Billerica, Mass.) aims to provide secure Java application access to DB2 data on all IBM platforms, including AS/400.

HiT added support within its JDBC/400 and JDBC/DB2 middleware offerings for the SilverStream Application Server and the recently released SilverStream ePortal Framework product lines. Martin Smith, VP of sales and marketing for HiT Software, said the agreement with SilverStream gives HiT an opportunity to better serve the growing number of customers demanding Java-compatible solutions.

“As our customers are working with Java we see them using these server environments. And we want to be able to provide that connectivity,” Smith said.

HiT’s JDBC middleware is designed to allow DB2/400 metadata and data access over SSL v3. It is a 100 percent Pure Java type 4 middleware solution and enables Java applets, servlets, or applications to exchange DB2 data using established standards. They can be accessed from JDK 1.1 and 1.2 environments to accept standard ANSI 92 SQL function calls, translate them into native DB2 SQL for high-performance, and communicate with the DB2 server to access, retrieve, and update DB2 data.

The SilverStream Application Server is a comprehensive, high-performance platform for deploying and managing e-business applications. The new e-Portal Framework, still in beta testing, is a J2EE-based portal development toolkit, which is relatively easy to implement and is highly customizable. HiT middleware’s added interface support for SilverStream gives AS/400 developers the opportunity to take advantage of a sophisticated initial database analysis, cached metadata performance, easier subsequent table/field references in source code, and secure back-end database communication over TCP/IP networks.

The alliance benefits SilverStream by providing a middleware connection to the AS/400 to allow the SilverStream development product to work with AS/400 out-of-the-box.

“Our product interfaces with a number of platforms, but we don’t attempt to try to build connectivity to all the databases out there,” said Bob Burgess, technical evangelist for alliances at SilverStream. “HiT Software’s expertise and their products really work well with our technology.”

According to Smith, the alliance brings together two technologies that are receiving growing attention and popularity among Web developers.

“Java is a big thing to build development around, and application server environments, the market for that is growing very rapidly,” Smith said.

According to Smith, HiT and SilverStream developers collaborated to ensure that their products could be used together with maximum performance and flexibility for the development environment. HiT JDBC/400 v1.3 and JDBC/DB2 v2.3, which both include support for the SilverStream Application Server are available immediately. Trial versions of the middleware can be downloaded from the HiT Software Web site http://www.hit.com.

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