HP Unveils Solution for Integrating Data into CRM, ERP Apps

HP has introduced E-VUE, an e-intelligence solution that promotes a real-time, single view of the customer across CRM (customer relationship management) applications as well as a real-time integrated view of products across ERP applications.

E-VUE links internal and external data sources via a virtual data warehouse and is employed through e-speak, HP's software platform for creating e-services. For CRM, E-VUE allows businesses to view the behavior of customers, modify the sales process in real time, and adapt internal business models as customer requirements change. For ERP, E-VUE allows businesses to integrate new suppliers into a B2B chain.

"E-VUE provides e-intelligence, middleware that thinks, allowing firms to quickly integrate rich data into their business intelligence systems," Jennie Grimes, HP's Director for e-intelligence solutions, said in a statement. "By enabling 360-degree vision across customer and product objects, businesses can make better B2C or B2B decisions."

In its first release, E-VUE will include a Data Provider Wizard that automatically searches relational data to find business objects around key roles, including customer, product, sales channel, basket and inventory. It will support standard access to business objects in several relational systems. E-VUE will provide an XML interface to bring those objects into any application, employed via e-speak. E-VUE will also introduce a series of e-services that integrate objects across database boundaries and disparate systems connected via intranets and extranets.

HP also has lined up three partners to provide solutions for E-VUE: WhoWhatWare, Acxiom and Evoke. WhoWhatWare will deliver adaptive data access applications in E-VUE's first release, powered by WhoWhatWare's FIDO—an automation tool that discovers rules in order to use data effectively. WhoWhatWare also announced the first application to support E-VUE. Called WhoWhatWeb, it enables interactive predictive marketing capabilities from existing and external data.

Acxiom will bring its AbiliTec technology to E-VUE to promote customer data integration. Acxion's InfoBase data products, delivered in real time at the customer contact point, allow businesses that have identified blind spots in their customer information to fill in the blanks.

Evoke will contribute technology that enables E-VUE users to profile their data sources to discover the true content, quality and structure of the data. This ability to ensure the quality and identify the inconsistencies between each source of data prior to implementation will allow E-VUE to provide a panoramic view of the customer.

HP plans to release E-VUE in beta in the third quarter of this year and make it generally available in the fall. The estimated price is $500,000.

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