Venture Delivers Online Certified Mail

Venture Encoding Service has developed an automated, turnkey solution for managing certified mail - the ACE system. ACE allows Venture to send their customer's certified mail via the United States Post Office (USPS) and securely post the mail online for viewing by customers. ACE is approved by the USPS and uses USPS-approved and patent-approved forms.

Attorneys, collection departments and others who rely on certified mail will benefit from the ACE system by reducing the need for maintaining printed materials onsite and relieving mailrooms of trips to the post office. ACE significantly reduces start up costs since no new software, special training additional print production or mailing equipment is required.

The ACE system is integrated with Venture's VentureAccess, the online customer care tool which provides immediate access to real-time billing documents and job tracking information through the Internet. By utilizing VentureAccess, customers can track certified mail jobs online during the entire printing process. ACE also provides document viewing via a secure PDF file to facilitate a quick review process. ACE is fully automated, reducing errors and making quick turn-arounds possible within 24 hours of data approval.

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