J.D. Edwards, IBM to Partner on C-Commerce for Net Markets

J.D. Edwards & Company (Denver) and IBM are expanding their current sales and product alliance to provide a complete collaborative-commerce (C-Commerce) solution for net markets. The proposed global relationship would allow J.D. Edwards to resell IBM's WebSphere Commerce Suite to extend and enhance J.D. Edwards Active Marketplace offering, a component of J.D. Edwards' ActivEra solutions.

The commerce solution is intended to integrate J.D. Edwards' business-to-business solution, OneWorld, with IBM's WebSphere commerce suite, Marketplace Edition, an e-commerce solution for integrating buyers and sellers in a variety of net markets, including trading exchanges and digital marketplaces. Companies worldwide would benefit from a scalable, integrated solution that manages buyers and sellers, from point-of-sale through fulfillment.

"An expanded relationship with IBM would further J.D. Edwards' collaborative-commerce initiative and our commitment to providing new technologies and solutions to insure our customers' success in the Internet economy," says Michael Schmitt, senior VP, B2B e-commerce, J.D. Edwards. "With OneWorld and WebSphere Commerce Suite, Marketplace Edition, companies would receive a feature-rich, scalable solution that keeps up with the demands and pace of change of today's digital marketplaces and trading exchanges."

The WebSphere Commerce Suite, Marketplace Edition platform is designed to meet the demands of high-volume, multi-buyer/multi-seller trading models such as exchanges, RFP/RFQ lead generations and auctions. The open architecture of Marketplace Edition platform provides a level of marketplace flexibility and scalability that complements J.D. Edwards' B2B solutions.

"Through the integration of WebSphere Commerce Suite, Marketplace Edition with OneWorld, we are combining IBM's powerful software for building successful e-marketplaces with key functionality in the areas of fulfillment, logistics and collaboration," said Ed Kilroy, general manager, e-commerce, IBM. "The combined solution will help companies quickly develop sophisticated e-marketplace solutions that streamline business processes and speed time to market."

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