Study Points to E-Business Growth for the AS/400

Jim Martin

IBM’s continued push of the AS/400 as a leading platform for e-business appears to be paying off, as a new report by D.H. Andrews Group (Cheshire, Conn.) predicts a potentially bright future for the AS/400 in e-business strategies.

The study, entitled “The AS/400 and E-Business: AS/400 Customer Plans for Deploying E-Business Solutions on the AS/400 and Other Servers,” details AS/400 customer strategy deployment over the next three years and is based on market research that D.H. Andrews conducted in January and February of this year.

According to the research, many AS/400 users have ambitious plans for e-business and are committed to using the AS/400 as the platform for implementing their e-business strategies. The report paints a bright picture for the AS/400 across a wide range of industries, with one notable exception, the manufacturing sector, where e-business plans are scarce.

Despite the positive feedback on the e-business front, the study did show that there is some evidence of AS/400 users migrating onto other servers in some organizations, while others are making sure they have backup plans in case the AS/400 does not meet their e-business needs.

“AS/400 customers are committed but cautious about the servers they will be using for e-business in the years ahead,” says Steve Aufderheide, director of D.H. Andrews Group’s Industry Analysis practice. “The AS/400 and e-business documents their commitment but also reveals where the platform seems most vulnerable to erosion.”

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