Point5 Solutions Partners with SEAGULL to Deliver e-business Solutions

Point5 Solutions announced today that it has partnered with SEAGULL, a leading provider of e-business enabling technology, to deliver custom solutions with SEAGULL's J Walk technology. As a charter member of SEAGULL's Solution Partner Program, Point5 will develop and deliver e-business offerings targeted at the J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware install base.

SEAGULL's J Walk allows customers to gain process efficiencies and e-business advantage from their AS/400 enterprise applications. The combination of J Walk technology with Point5's implementation expertise provides a robust e-business offering to the J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware install base.

"Through this partnership, J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware customers will be able to quickly and cost effectively deliver e-business functionality to suppliers, customers and employees, while preserving their significant investment in both the application software and AS/400 technology," says Bryan Flanagan, director of business development for Point5 Solutions.

"SEAGULL is excited by this endorsement from Point5 Solutions," adds Carolyn Weinig, director of strategic alliances for SEAGULL. "Point5's decision to build a consulting practice around J Walk reinforces our belief that J Walk is the fastest and easiest way to help organizations open their enterprise applications, such as J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware, to the digital economy."

SEAGULL is a leading provider of e-business enabling software technology that opens enterprise applications for Web, wireless and Windows access, and helps organizations integrate enterprise applications with other software to support emerging e-business needs. With SEAGULL technology, users can execute business processes anytime, anywhere, from any device. The company is publicly traded on the Amsterdam Exchange under the symbol SEAGULL.

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