SERENA & BLUESTONE Enhance E-Business Platform

SERENA Software, a supplier of e-Business infrastructure change management solutions, has formed an alliance with Bluestone Software, a business-to-Web and wireless technologies provider. The companies will integrate SERENA's eChange Man and ChangeContent, with Bluestone's comprehensive, standards-based Total-e-Business platform. The integration will allow businesses to rapidly and reliably create, manage and deliver dynamic Web content and e-Business applications to enrich the strength and stability of online enterprise initiatives and accelerate time to market.

Based on Sun Microsystems' J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) specification and using XML for internal communication and external integration services, Bluestone's Total-e-Business offers a scalable, fault tolerant Internet Operating Environment for organizations that demand maximum performance from their Web-enabled e-Business solutions. Total-e-Business also boasts a number of performance-oriented facilities unique to Bluestone, including Customer Facing Fault Tolerance, Internet Quality of Service and Hot Versioning.

eChange Man and ChangeContent are integral parts of the SERENA's eFull.Cycle strategy and framework for providing a single point of control to manage change throughout the e-Business application life cycle across the enterprise from the mainframe to the Web. ChangeContent is a powerful Web content management product that works seamlessly with SERENA's software change and request management products to coordinate content changes with changes to related software applications running across multiple platforms from the mainframe to the Web, while integrating change request management. Changes can be deployed to multiple Web servers, and syndicated to multiple sites; content in databases can be replicated to accommodate geographically dispersed servers.

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