CrossWorks Adds Microsoft SQL Server Gateway to Cross400

CrossWorks Inc. (Hopkins, Minn.), a developer of cross platform software compilers and development tools, is now shipping its Cross400 MS-SQL Server Gateway, an add-on product to its Cross400 compiler and development tool suite. Cross400 is used by AS/400 ISVs and end users to rehost their mature RPG applications to open platforms without rewriting their applications, and without maintaining two sets of source code.

The optional new product, Cross400 MS-SQL Server Gateway, allows organizations that have used Cross400 to re-host their AS/400 RPG application to run on Windows 9X/NT/2000 to store their data for those applications directly in Microsoft SQL Server database tables, where it can be accessed by other applications. Access to the data stored in these MS-SQL Server tables can be accomplished either through direct calls or through embedded SQL.

"This gives AS/400 ISVs a good chance to penetrate small and midsized companies, where Microsoft holds sway. While Cross400 ships with its own integrated CrossDB database that can run on both Unix and Microsoft open systems, more and more ISVs are finding that their customers and prospects are standardizing on Microsoft SQL Server as their RDBMS," explains David Schindler, VP sales and marketing of CrossWorks. "With our Cross400 SQL Server Gateway, they can offer prospects all the functionality of their mature, tried-and-true AS/400 applications running on the Microsoft Windows platform. By storing the data from these rehosted applications directly in SQL Server tables, it can be accessed by other applications, such as accounting or human resources."

CrossWorks recently announced the Cross400 Oracle Gateway for those who want to store data from their rehosted RPG applications in Oracle 8 tables. This announcement brings CrossWorks support to two of the relational databases (RDBMSs) that dominate the open platform markets. Pricing for the add-on Cross400 Microsoft SQL Server Gateway is $3,750.

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