HP Enhances Platforms for Service Providers

HP has enhanced two platforms that give communications providers the ability to offer metered IP-based services to their customers. The HP Smart Internet Usage (SIU) platform has been enhanced to integrate more easily with ISV applications, while HP's OpenCall platform has been integrated with Amdocs' prepaid offering to bring communications and Internet Service Providers a real-time, Intelligent Network-based, prepaid billing environment for voice, data and IP-based services.

New features in SIU 3.0 include improved administration agents for remote management of global usage collection infrastructure; certificate-based authentication, access control lists, and public/private keys for role-based identification, authorization and administration; SSL; a wizard-guided configuration for collector configuration, administration and monitoring; HP OpenView VantagePoint solutions; expanded tools for the SIU Developer Kit 3.0; and an enhanced SIU Developer Program, including a fast track certification process to incorporate third-party developer plug-ins with HP support.

Accompanying SIU Version 3.0 is the SIU Developer Kit Version 3.0, which gives software developers tools to use in fitting SIU into different environments without engaging in custom development. Moreover, HP has initiated a plug-in certification process to incorporate third-party extensions into the SIU architecture.

SIU 3.0 is slated to ship in September. New user pricing is based on configuration.

HP's OpenCall Intelligent Network-based platform, which provides a real-time service execution environment, carrier-grade high availability and Signaling System No. 7 and IP signaling, has been integrated with Amdocs' Ensemble, a customer care and billing platform. The real-time functionality provided by the solution allows service providers to combat prepaid fraud by monitoring customer credit levels as customers use the service. The solution also offers location-based billing options, such as reduced rate or free calls within specific zones.

The solution will be distributed through Amdocs' worldwide sales organization.

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