HP Offers E-Services to Small to Medium-Size Biz

HP has unveiled new integrated e-services for small to medium-size businesses (SMBs). The services are being delivered through the new HP Business Customer Center (http://www.hp.com/business). HP also announced a partnership with vJungle, a Redmond, Wash.-based integrated application service provider (iASP) serving SMBs.

Featured prominently in the new HP Business Customer Center is an e-center offering a free e-services suite co-branded by HP and Jungle. The suite contains front- and back-office offerings, including e-mail, a calendar, a Web site builder, chat, file sharing and 50 MB of data storage space. The e-center also offers fee-based e-services, including extra data storage space, printing and distribution services, and online postage.

The e-center offers other Web-based services, in addition to the e-services suite. These include Web connectivity through a number of different ISPs; eFax.com, Mimeo.com, @Backup.com, Quicken.com, Biztravel.com, Emusic.com and HP Cartogra.com online image sharing; Trellix Web tools for creating a Web site in fewer than five minutes; fusionOne data synchronization service for desktop, notebook and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) cell phones; and exclusive HP-brokered e-services at special discounts.

Along with the e-center, the Business Customer Center will provide IT outsourcing services through the HP IT manager, a personalized Internet portal for outsourcing routine IT functions, such as data backup, image management, software updates and asset inventory management among defined user groups.

Along with the new e-services, HP introducing new hardware products for the SMB market. These include Brio desktop PCs, which have been redesigned with flexible configurations that allow customers to custom-configure the PC; HP Pavilion N3300 series notebooks, combining high-end Intel and AMD processors with PowerNow! Power-saving, and 3Dnow! Graphics technologies; HP OmniBook XE2 series notebooks, featuring Polk Audio stereo sound, external CD audio controls, up to a 14.1-inch display, and dual-display capability; and the NetServer E 800, which ships with HP Navigator setup tools and, on some configurations, features a fully integrated backup solution plus integrated backup software with One-button Disaster Recovery. All systems but the NetServer ship with the HP e-center installed.

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