Bluestone Acquires Workflow Software Developer Arjuna

Joanna Doyle

Bluestone Software (Philadelphia), a provider of Web and wireless applications, has announced the acquisition of Arjuna Solutions Limited, a workflow software provider based in Newscastle, England, which is credited with the development of the only pure-Java transactioning system.

The $13.2 million deal will make Bluestone the first provider of a completely Java-based transactioning system, with the integration of Bluestone’s Internet Operating Environment and JTSArjuna’s, the first commercial implementation of Sun’s Java Transaction service.

“By acquiring Arjuna, we become the only J2EE/EJB vendor with a pure Java transactioning system and one of only a few that has transactioning at all – that means we’re effectively leapfrogging the entire Application Server industry by delivering the only commercial Java Transaction Service developed entirely with Java technology that is already tightly integrated with our e-business platform,” said Kevin Kilroy, Bluestone president and CEO. “... With Arjuna’s brain trust, Bluestone gains the resources of the industry’s preeminent force in the field of distributed transactional and workflow software and brings those resources to bear on our customers’ most pressing e-business needs.”

Transactioning technology ensures that all systems involved in a transaction – from order to shipping – are updated when a transaction is processed, and that customers can readily access information about their order. Being entirely Java-based allows JTSArjuna to easily integrate with back-office systems and databases. JTSArjuna works with virtually any object request broker, Internet protocol, J2EE or EJB platform, operating system, Java Virtual Machine or compiler.

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