21st Century Brings Mainframe Backup Solution to AS/400

Joanna Doyle

A new release from 21st-Century Software (Wayne, Pa.) brings the company’s data backup and disaster recovery technology to the AS/400.

VFI/400, now in beta release, is a new version of 21st-Century Software’s mainframe tool for identifying, backing up and recovering files. Instead of recreating an entire system at once in the event of disaster, the VFI/400 system creates a logical phased hierarchy for recovery and restores the most important applications first, followed by the rest in stages. This allows for applications to be divided into logical units of functionality that can both be separately backed up and restored in order of priority simplifying the recovery plan and getting business applications back up and running quickly.

Within the VFI/400 system, applications and files are grouped together according to the particular business functions they support. Related files get assigned a unique application ID and are backed up and restored as a unit. Benefits of this system include the reduction of the amount of data that needs to be backed up, user-friendly interactive menus and automated backup and restore.

Companies running OS/400 V4R1 or higher can qualify for beta testing by contacting 21st Century Software at (800) 555-6845 or sales@drvfi.com.

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