CNT InVista Accelerates Application Deployment

Joanna Doyle

Computer Network Technology (CNT, Minneapolis) this week announced the release of InVista, software designed to help companies deploy e-business applications faster and more reliably.

InVista allows businesses to link business processes, applications, people and data online in real-time. Features of the product include the capability to rapidly enable process-intensive e-commerce and customer self-service via the Internet, gather real-time customer data for call center applications, build collaborative applications to unite business partners, and integrate legacy systems. Among other things, InVista speeds deployment time by allowing business managers to build 60 to 70 percent or more of an application without engaging a programmer.

"InVista was designed to enable businesses to compete in Web time, to move their projects from idea to market with enough speed to outpace their competitors," said Ellen Koch, vice president of marketing for the Enterprise Integration Solutions subsidiary of CNT. "InVista is designed to deploy a customized solution in just 10 percent of the time of other methods. Because InVista automatically creates an application with all the necessary coding, the model becomes the application. With this type of technology, the opportunities are endless. Projects and timeframes that were once impossible are now a reality."

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