SEAGULL to Connect IBM Enterprise Application to Microsoft Pocket PC

Joanna Doyle

SEAGULL (Atlanta) announced a strategic initiative last week to allow users of IBM’s enterprise applications to connect their systems with Microsoft’s (Redmond, Wash.) Pocket PC wireless devices. The new technology was introduced at Microsoft’s Fusion 2000 symposium in Atlanta.

“Seventy percent of today’s back office data and the applications that process it still reside on host systems,” said Don Addington, president and COO of SEAGULL. “Together with Microsoft, SEAGULL is helping organizations bring those mission-critical applications to the wired and wireless Web, consistent with Microsoft’s recently announced ‘.NET’ strategy that includes making software applications universally accessible through any device, at any time, anywhere.”

SEAGULL’s Wireless-to-Host Solution connects IBM mainframe and AS/400 back office applications to the Web to provide real-time wireless access to business processes and content. Through the newly announced initiative, SEAGULL will offer a rapid-deployment mobile computing solution based on SEAGULL’s Wireless-to-Host technology, used in conjunction with Windows 2000 and the Pocket PC.

“With SEAGULL’s Wireless-to-Host Solution, IBM mainframe and AS/400 business applications can easily be deployed for real-time data access from Pocket PCs with a wireless modem,” said Doug Dedo, group product manager for Microsoft’s mobile devices division. “We are excited that with SEAGULL, Microsoft is now able to offer a wireless path to IBM’s legacy applications and meet the time-critical needs of mobiles business in the digital economy.”

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