DataMirror Announces High Availability Suite Version 3.5

Jim Martin

DataMirror Corporation (Toronto) has announced a new version of its High Availability Suite. Scheduled for general availability on August 29, 2000, High Availability Suite 3.5 contains new features and functionality to enhance 24 X 7 e-business resiliency and availability.

According to DataMirror, version 3.5 is the first and only AS/400 high availability solution to utilize state-of-the-art byte stream file recording introduced into the OS/400 operating system by IBM. This support enables the High Availability suite to manage the underlying Integrated File System (IFS) requirements of business applications and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

With the addition of byte stream file support, end-users will be able to mirror their large IFS files in real-time to ensure that AS/400 Web servers and e-commerce sites are backed up and resilient.

In addition, version 3.5 also includes features such as auto-tuning, which is designed to maximize performance for data and object mirroring between primary and recovery systems, as well as a number of operational usability enhancements.

"As more and more customers implement data-rich e-business and customer-facing applications on the IBM AS/400 platform, high availability and data resiliency become paramount," said Nigel Stokes, Chairman, President and CEO of DataMirror Corporation. "This new version of High Availability Suite includes enhanced features and functionality directed specifically towards e-Business environments. DataMirror is the first and only AS/400 high availability vendor to take advantage of IBM's byte stream file recording support to ensure unprecedented levels of data resiliency. High Availability Suite Version 3.5 will make it even easier for Internet companies and traditional bricks and mortar organizations to ensure continuous 7/24 business operations."

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