Ericom Adds Features to PowerTerm Pro

Joanna Doyle

Ericom Software Inc. (Hackensack, N.J.) announced the release of PowerTerm Pro 8.5, part of the PowerTerm Enterprise suite of connectivity products. The company also announced that PowerTerm Enterprise will for the first time include SSH – the most popular security feature for Telnet users.

Ericom's PowerTerm 8.5 is designed to maximize productivity by providing easy access to accounting, inventory, management, transaction processing and other legacy systems, and allows total integration and customization in the Windows environment while maintaining accurate terminal emulation. New features in PowerTerm 8.5 include centralized management and single-point installation, multi-language capability, context-sensitive on-line help, multi-session support, customizable and dockable menu and toolbars, programmable Keyboard Mapping and easy installation.

PowerTerm Enterprise allows users to move data from a terminal-legacy document into a PC-based program such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, WordPerfect 2000, etc. using Microsoft VBA technology.

PowerTerm 8.5 runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000. Hosts supported by PowerTerm 8.5 include IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, UNIX, DEC VAX/VMS, SCO and Data General. Both products are offered for single platform (UNIX, IBM, or HP) usage, while the Suite offers one package that provides full connectivity (3270, 5250, VT220, etc.) solutions for a wide range of mixed platform applications.

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