CreekPath Emerges from Exabyte

In response to the demand for e-storage services within the industry, Exabyte has transferred a considerable amount of intellectual property and resources to launch CreekPath Systems, a new company focused on providing storage as a utility service. Exabyte’s transferred resources include an undisclosed amount of "angel funding" capital.

A Storage Service Provider (SSP) such as CreekPath is a valuable resource for companies outsourcing Web hosting or application requirements at an Internet Data Center (IDC) or co-location facility. A CreekPath customer can easily budget storage expenses on a very high-performance Storage Area Network (SAN) that is provisioned and managed by CreekPath at a cost far less than purchasing and maintaining its own less robust storage equipment and software.

CreekPath will supply e-storage services at Internet data centers throughout the United States. Three IDCs in major metropolitan regions will be operational in the next 90 days, with more than a dozen cities targeted by the end of the year. Businesses locating their Internet servers in any IDC providing CreekPath services can immediately benefit from easy e-storage. E-storage services include pay-as-you-grow capacity, 24x7 data availability and backup protection are sold to the IDC's hosted and co-located e-businesses.

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