Cyclone Software to Include Digital Signature Capability

Joanna Doyle

Cyclone Commerce Inc. (Scottsdale, Ariz.) has staked a claim as the first company to take advantage of the recently enacted Electronic Signatures Act, which gives digital signatures legal validity.

Cyclone announced yesterday it has incorporated this technology into its flagship Cyclone Interchange product, which is used in conjunction with Cyclone’s CrossWorks Security Framework.

“The CrossWorks electronic signature solution is based on technology that is integrated into a cryptographic core module to create legally binding digital signatures,” said Timothy Fisher, Cyclone’s chief security architect. “CrossWorks allows for real-time validation against Certificate Revocation Lists and communication with Certificate Authorities in support of digital signature usage. Because CrossWorks is built on popular Internet standards, it is interoperable with a wide range of electronic signature applications.”

CrossWorks was developed for Cyclone Interchange, a trading engine which enables secure application connectivity between trading partners over the Internet. Cyclone CrossWorks is the security module that allows digital signatures to be applied across all documents exchanged within a trading community. It is based on public key infrastructure (PKI) technology, and utilizes industry standard digital certificates and high-strength cryptography to create legally binding digital signatures.

Interchange with e-signature capability is compatible with virtually all platforms, including Windows 2000/NT, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, RedHat Linux, OS/390 and AS/400.

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