AS/400 Sets Domino Records

Jim Martin

Continuing its impressive string of performance records, IBM announced that its new AS/400 model 840 server has set a new world record for Lotus Domino scalability and performance by successfully handling 75,000 concurrent NotesBench R5 Mail Users with an average response time of 276 milliseconds.

The officially audited benchmark was configured by a 24-way IBM AS/400e Model 840 server powered by IBM’s copper and SOI microprocessors and running Version 4 Release 5 of OS/400 and Domino Release 5.03.

According to IBM, the 840 supported 10 times as many concurrent users as the largest audited server from Sun Microsystems and more than five times the users as the largest audited offering from Compaq—while cutting the average response time in half.

“We’re pleased to see IBM AS/400e taking advantage of Domino R5’s scalability and reliability,” said Jeanette Medlin, director of Worldwide Product Marketing, Lotus Messaging and Collaboration Products. “Our mutual customers will benefit from the AS/400’s robust architecture and tuning for Domino to allow them to consolidate servers and fully utilize the AS/400’s capacity by running multiple applications on the same server.”

The performance further indicates the AS/400s ability to achieve cost savings by allowing Domino customers to consolidate their Lotus Notes mail, calendar and application users on fewer servers.

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