DataMirror Software to Support V4R5

Joanna Doyle

DataMirror Corporation (Toronto), a provider of AS/400 data replication software, today announced that its iCluster, High Availability Suite and Transformation Server products will be compatible with IBM’s OS/400 V4R5 when the new system becomes generally available this week.

DataMirror, an IBM business partner, worked closely with IBM to develop full support for OS/400 V4R5. In preparation for the new system’s release, DataMirror completed a series of software compliance tests at IBM’s Rochester, Minn. lab, in addition to in-house tests, to ensure that all DataMirror software will be available and fully supported on V4R5 immediately upon the release of the new operating system.

DataMirror iCluster, High Availability Suite and Transformation Server will support OS/400 V4R5 concurrent with its release on July 28th. Fully functional trial versions of Transformation Server can be downloaded from at (new window). Customers who wish to receive trial software for iCluster and High Availability Suite can contact DataMirror by calling (800)362-5955. Pricing varies based on the client’s computing environment.

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