IBM and Ariba Unveil Complete B2B E-Commerce Solution

Fredrik Johnsen

IBM and Ariba (Mountain View, Calif.), a business-to-business e-commerce platform and network services provider, announced Wednesday the first complete solution to enable suppliers to participate in B2B e-commerce.

The solution, based on IBM’s WebSphere Commerce suite and the IBM Netfinity and AS/400 server platforms, will be available through the worldwide reseller channels of IBM. It enables suppliers to build an e-commerce site on the Internet that is automatically connected to multiple buyers and marketplaces on the Ariba Commerce Services Network.

"More than ever before, suppliers want to get involved in global B2B e-commerce," says Ed Kilroy, general manager, IBM electronic commerce software. "IBM Start Now e-commerce Solutions for Ariba SupplierLive meets the needs of suppliers that do not have all of the technological capabilities, expertise, budget and time to build a customized B2B e-commerce solution. Suppliers can drive costs and inefficiencies out of their supply chain by streamlining and automating core business processes. This solution allows suppliers to quickly, efficiently, and affordably integrate into the Ariba Commerce Services Network."

Networking solutions provided by Cisco Systems will give the supplier the capacity to handle the connectivity demands of business on the Internet to meet customer demands and improve internal efficiencies.

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