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< p="">GoBack Turns the Clock Back

Problems caused by system crashes, failed software installations, virus attacks and user error can be solved with Adaptec’s GoBack software. GoBack enables the user to turn back the clock and revert the hard drive to the way it was before the problem arose to recover damaged data intact and protect the data.

GoBack is not a replacement for antivirus software and cannot disinfect a system.For more information, call (800) 442-7274, or visit

Instant Messaging LAN Solution

MacPopUp 1.2 from Kanex Group, previously available only for Macintosh, is now available for Windows. MacPopUp allows Windows and Mac users to exchange instant messages with other users on any local area network. With MacPopUp, you can send and receive messages from different operating systems, such as Mac OS, Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000, Windows for Workgroups, Linux and other UNIX OSes.For more information, visit

Web Help Utility for SAP

Insite Objects’ Web Help Utility for SAP (WHUS) adds a menu item to SAP that allows a project team or administrator to offer users instant access to customized, site-specific HTML help documents for SAP. Because WHUS is installed in parallel with the standard SAP help system, users still have full access to the standard SAP extended help option.

With context-sensitivity, WHUS enables the user to access help configured at the DYNPRO, module or transaction level. WHUS works with any Web browser and is fully compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 operating systems, as well as SAP-supported versions of UNIX.For more information, call (713) 952-9822, or visit

Customized Portal Applications

Lotus Notes Release 5 (R5) allows customers to create their own customized portal applications by providing a complete template and a Best Practices Guide. Available free via a Web download, the Lotus Notes R5 Portal Builder enables customers to develop customized portals for organizational, departmental or personal use that include information from a variety of sources. Programming skills are not required.For more information, visit

IDweb DCM Tool

Integrated Development Enterprise’s (IDe’s) IDweb is an Internet-based Development Chain Management (DCM) software that manages investment, profitability and throughput for companies in the product development chain. IDweb is Web-powered and does not require client software to be installed or maintained on individual desktops. Users can access up-to-date product development knowledge through their Web browser. IDweb leverages Internet technology to integrate all aspects of a corporation’s product development processes, including project planning and management, resource management and integrated portfolio management.For more information, visit

SLR100 Autoloader is available in tabletop or rackmount versions and accommodates up to 8 cartridges, providing capacities of up to 800 GB and transfer rates up to 36 GB/hr. The Tandberg Data SLR100 Autoloader offers the productivity and security of an automated tape solution, as well as the reliability of SLR technology. The SLR100 Autoloader allows reading of previous SLR formats and its rackmount form factor makes it possible to mount two units side-by-side in a standard 19-inch rack for up to 1,600 GB in a 7-inch rack space.For more information, visit

Remote Services 2.0

Sun Remote Systems (SRS) 2.0, a suite of remote management services with phone-home capabilities, now supports Sun’s network storage products. SRS 2.0 is designed to enable Sun to proactively identify and resolve potential problems that might threaten the availability of a customer’s systems, including storage, the server, Solaris Operating Environment and applications software. It uses an agent-based architecture to continuously monitor key system variables and contact Sun in the event of a problem so that the problem can be resolved. SRS 2.0 is currently included with SunSpectrum Platinum and SunSpectrum Gold customer service programs. For more information, visit their Web site at www.

IEG’s Tools for Unisys LINC

The Information Exchange Group (IEG) has released two new products for Unisys LINC clients. The first product, Interface Builder (IB), uses an LDA CASE Model (LCIF) as input and directly generates one of three types of output: a GUI LDA model, ASP forms or DHTML forms. The second product, IE-WEBS (Web-Enabled Business Segments), enables clients to deploy LDA Run Time over the Internet, and test the application from their own PC using a browser. For more information, visit

Free Network Management Tool

Allied Telesyn’s AT-Manage, its new network management tool, is designed for small networks (2 to 100 nodes) and is available for free. It identifies, categorizes and organizes the display by device type and by Allied Telesyn product family name. It can discover a device’s Web-based interfaces and launch them in the user’s browser automatically. AT-Manage can serve as an add-on tool for managed networks with a small number of Allied Telesyn devices.

It offers auto-discovery and realtime inventory features and requires no network management software training.For more information, call (800) 424-4284, or visit

BugSolver Developer

BugSolver Developer from is designed to help software development personnel provide answers to desktop and mobile computer users after a hardware or software failure. BugSolver Developer generates an operational profile of the PC at the time of failure, which is sent through the Internet to the BugSolver Web site, which tracks each PC’s crash history in a private area. The BugSolver support person then reviews the operational profile on the Web in order to fix the problem.For more information, visit

NEC MobilePro Handheld PC

NEC Computers has added the MobilePro 880 to its line of MobilePro Handheld PC Pro computers (H/PC Pro). The one-inch thick, 2.6 pound MobilePro 880 couples a light sub-notebook form factor with the CE operating environment. It features a nearly full-size keyboard and an SVGA LCD display. The MobilePro 880 features a faster processing speed than earlier models and a new suite of enterprise oriented utilities and applications software. Also featured are the "instant on" capability, and a longer battery life than the MobilePro 800.For more information, visit

SAN InSite 2000

Vixel Corporation’s SAN InSite 2000 Storage Area Network management software supports multivendor SAN devices and is interoperable with other vendor components. SAN InSite 2000 has an open architecture that allows management of both non-Vixel and Vixel devices and seamless integration with enterprise software management applications. SAN InSite 2000 will auto-discover, monitor and manage the entire SAN interconnect.

It supports all Vixel SAN devices; as well as Agilent, Ancor, Brocade, Chaparral, Crossroads, Emulex, Gadzoox, Interphase, JNI and Qlogic devices. SAN InSite 2000 supports available open standards and is platform independent. SAN InSite 2000 is Web-enabled and provides remote management of SAN devices at anytime.For more information, call (425) 806-5509, or visit

Pentek Adds to VIM Family

Pentek has added a 32-channel digital receiver VIM-4 module to its Velocity Interface Mezzanine (VIM) mezzanine family. The Model 6230 combines field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) technology with channelized software radio functionality. It is designed for high-speed synchronous data communications for real-time VMEbus systems. The Model 6230 works with radar, high-frequency sonar, telecom and software radio applications. Included with the Model 8230 are eight Graychip GC4017A quad narrowband digital receiver chips, which come with four independently tunable receiver channels. The Model 6230 has a front panel clock and sync bus that enables one Model 6230 to act as the master; multiple slave 6230s can be clocked synchronously with the master. For more information, call (201) 818-5900, or visit

Route 56.PCI WAN Adapter

Sealevel Systems’ Route 56.PCI high-speed WAN adapter is a PCI1 port RS-232/422 /485/449, EIA-530, V.35, X.21 Synchronous/Asynchronous serial interface for the PCI bus. The Route 56.PCI card includes an on-board DMA controller to eliminate bus bandwidth constraints and allows the card to handle DMA locally. The card includes SeaMAC, Sealevel Systems’ Sync/Async software drivers for Windows NT/2000. The Route 56.PCI is equipped with 256K of on-board RAM and a 32-byte buffer.For more information, call (864) 843-4343, or visit

NetworkIT 2.0

Computer Associates (CA) has updated NetworkIT 2.0, its network management solution. Built on CA’s Unicenter TNG Framework technology, NetworkIT 2.0 manages the entire network and uses CA’s neural-network (Neugents) technology to deliver a management solution that predicts network problems. NetworkIT 2.0 works with Windows NT, Windows 2000, SunOS and HP-UX. It supports Top/IP, IPX, DECNet, SNA and other protocols.For more information, visit their Web site at

NetFORCE 1500

Procom Technology’s NetFORCE 1500 a multi-protocol server appliance that allows cross-platform file sharing and file locking relying on Network File System (NFS) and Common Internet File System (CIFS). It offers up to 360 GB of cross-platform storage capacity. Security and remote authentication are supported under UNIX and Windows environments. NetFORCE 1500 supports NIS/NIS+ under UNIX and NT authentication under Windows; it also supports Windows NT Access Control List (ACL) and CIFS phased hierarchical setting.

NetFORCE 1500 is available in deskside and rackmount configurations. It can accommodate up to 10 LVD Ultra-2 SCSI drives for a maximum raw capacity of 360 GB. The filers can be ordered with 18 or 36 GB drives. Prices range from $22,000 to $50,000 depending on configuration. For more information, call (949) 852-1000, or visit

Unify eWave ServletExec 3.0

Unify Corporation’s Unify eWave ServletExec 3.0 allows server-side Java functionality and seamless integration with backend systems. It has full support for key components of the Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) standards, including Java Servlet API 2.2 and JSP 1.1 technologies. It also includes client certificates for added transaction security, support for Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and Linux. Unify eWave ServletExec 3.0 can be deployed on operating systems using all major Java Virtual Machines and Web Servers, including Microsoft IIS, Netscape Fast Track and Enterprise servers, the Apache Server and Mac OS Web servers.For more information, visit

Hummingbird EIP 1.5 Platform

Hummingbird Ltd. adds several features to Hummingbird EIP 1.5, its platform independent enterprise information portal. The updated features include: Repository, an option for users to choose to install either a relational database or file system repository; User Group Support, allowing administrators to group users into common and distinct areas; and Distributed Architecture and Load Balancing, allowing users to scale servers to meet enterprise demands. Hummingbird EIP 1.5 can be deployed on Windows NT, Solaris, HP UX and Linux.For more information, visit


HOBLink JWT from HOB, Inc. is now available in the US. JWT uses the Web to allow for instant access of shared data and applications from any standard Web browser. JWT enables transparent integration of all platforms into the Windows environment by leveraging Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). It offers accessibility from any browser running on Windows 95/98/ NT/2000, Mac, UNIX and Linux. JWT also supports the CITRIX ICA protocol and is compatible with Windows terminal server under Windows NT Server 4.0 and Windows 2000.For more information, call (732) 650-2300, or visit

Metaserver v.2.5

Metaserver, Inc.’s Metaserver v.2.5, is designed to help companies migrate traditional business operations, processes and technologies from the enterprise to the Internet without jeopardizing the companies’ existing infrastructure. Version 2.5 features Smart Client Template Processing, which enables the generation of content targeted for the specific client platform communicating with the server. Metaserver currently supports HTML, XML/XSL, WML (WAP), and Palm Web Clipping. The server automatically detects the client device and responds with appropriate content. Metaserver v.2.5 also offers complete support for Allaire ColdFusion Server, and the IBM MQ Series, via the Sun Java Messaging Service (JMS)API.For more information, call (203) 497-9888, or visit

e-vantage WebPublish 3.0

Attachmate’s e-vantage WebPublish 3.0 software helps organizations publish host application screens in a GUI presentation for viewing from a Web browser, without changing any host application code. End users do not have direct access to host publications, keeping host data secure. e-Vantage WebPublish 3.0 requires no changes to legacy applications, runs on a local Web server and supports 500 or more simultaneous users for large e-business initiatives.For more information, call (800) 426-6283, or visit

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