Manhattan Taps SEAGULL to Improve PkMS 2000RI

Two AS/400 players are teaming up, as SEAGULL (Atlanta), a provider of e-business enabling software, and Manhattan Associates Inc. (Atlanta) seek to enhance the 2000R1 release of its advanced warehouse management system, PkMS, with SEAGULL’s J Walk .

“The digital economy makes supply chain operations, one of Manhattan Associates’ core competencies, even more critical to our customers,” says Richard Haddrill, Manhattan Associates’ president and CEO. “And SEAGULL’s expertise in Internet infrastructure for enterprise applications enables us to accelerate the delivery of new usability and accessibility features that make our customers more competitive and efficient.”

Through the partnership, PkMS 2000R1 has functionality to include a Web interface that allows real-time access to critical information on distribution and inventory status via a browser. PkMS 2000R1 will also feature a highly intuitive presentation and reengineered application navigation for PkMS users.

“As a leader in fulfillment and supply chain management technology, Manhattan Associates recognizes the importance of Internet-based supply chain integration and application access,” says Don Addington, SEAGULL president and COO. “We are really pleased to participate in the delivery of strategic application enhancements to their impressive customer base.”

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