Metaserver Offers Software-Based E-Business Integration

Metaserver, Inc., (New Haven, CT) recently introduced Metaserver 2.5, the newest version of its software-driven application designed to help organizations migrate traditional business operations, processes, and technology from the enterprise to the Internet while maintaining their existing infrastructure. Metaserver takes business processes and automates them using the web. Among the main target areas are the insurance, financial, manufacturing, retail distribution and utilities industries.

Metaserver can be used with any current standards, so businesses can integrate disparate systems and processes into a uniform, adaptable, personalized Web solution.
Metaserver acts as a “Business Transformation Engine” --allowing a company to identify, diagram, and deploy a unified solution for automating business processes and making them accessible to customers, partners, vendors, and employees. The Business Transformation Engine takes disparate computing resources in IT organizations and ties them together so they can function as a unified entity.

“In an ideal situation, you would simply buy one giant computer with all the software needed to run your business and you’d be done. In reality, there is a complex set of machines ranging from mainframes to UNIX servers to PCs that have to work together,” said Richard Schultz, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Metaserver, Inc. “Metaserver is the first technology-based solution for the incredibly complex problem of unifying systems. Our Transformation Engine acts as an aggregation for the different applications on the different systems, allowing them to appear as a single, unified computer on the web.”

Version 2.5 has been enhanced to support the next-generation of e-business, with expanded support for existing and future industry standards, formats, software, and devices.

Metaserver can be used with any current standards, so businesses can integrate disparate systems and processes into a uniform, adaptable, personalized Web solution. The software features Smart Client Template Processing, enabling the generation of dynamic content targeted for the specific client platform communicating with the server. Currently supported formats include: HTML clients running in browsers, XML/XSL clients, WML (WAP), Java Server Pages (JSP), Active Server Pages (ASP), Fat clients written in Visual Basic or Java, Microsoft Excel macro clients and Palm Web Clipping. Integration with all popular Web servers (Apache, Netscape, Microsoft, Lotus) is also supported.

The server will automatically detect the client device and respond with appropriate content. Metaserver v.2.5 also offers complete support for Allaire ColdFusion Server, and the IBM MQ Series, via the Sun Java Messaging Service (JMS) API. Metaserver can also be integrated with any EJB server product/platform or LDAP server hardware.


Metaserver is composed of:

  • Any OS with a JVM (V1.1.6 or higher) installed databases; Sybase, Oracle and SQL Server via included native drivers
  • IBM DB2, Informix, and any JDBC compliant database
  • Built-in SMTP e-mail component may be constructed from existing COM, CORBA or EJB components

  • Although there is no logical limit on the number of CPUs that can be connected through Metaserver, users tend to connect them based on the complexity of the systems involved—such as one system working on claims processing and another focused on quote generation at an insurance company.

    Metaserver’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides a visual assembly of components into business applications and wizards for generating components, as well as dynamic content templates. It includes a centralized web-based administration console, which can be used from a Javascript-enabled browser. The entire system can also be remotely administered with the console.

    “Metaserver is similar to a router in functionality. You can take any computing resources, plug them into the router, and generate a network,” continued Schultz. “In our case, you can take any software-based platform, connect it through Metaserver and generate a functioning, unified Web system.”

    Pricing for Metaserver v2.5 is based on the number of CPUs connected. The price range is $70,000 to $400,000.

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