MAPICS Launches Program to Maximize Service Offerings

Jim Martin

Moving to improve the quality and depth of its service offerings, MAPICS, Inc., (Atlanta), a provider of e-business applications for manufacturers, recently introduced the MAPICS Certified Service Providers (MCSP) program.

Under this new program, external service organizations will provide MAPICS’ customers with high-quality, in-depth implementations. The MCSP will improve customer service and also increase a customers’ ROI by maximizing the MAPICS solutions to their fullest extent.

"With all the changes in technology today, and the increasing number of worldwide, multi-site implementations, we want our customers to know that the superior customer service we provide them will never change," says John Koontz, vice president of MAPICS North American operations. "MAPICS has consistently been rated high in customer service rankings by leading industry analysts, and the MCSP program was developed to ensure that customers continue to receive the highest quality, in-depth implementation and support across their enterprise."

The main focus of the MCSP will be on multi-site implementations, as qualified members will provide service to all of the customer's sites during implementation and on-going strategic activities.

To qualify to become an MCSP, organizations, must meet certification in each business segment, including e-business, project management, manufacturing, customer service, finance and technical consulting.

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