IBM, Microsoft, Sun and Compaq Join MERANT Egility Alliance Program

MERANT, announced that IBM, Sun, Microsoft and Compaq have joined the Egility Alliance program. MERANT's Egility Alliance program links MERANT with vendors that provide complementary e-business technologies and solutions.

The members of the Egility Alliance program work together to provide customers with e-business solutions, faster implementation and time to market, coordination among vendors and potentially lower product acquistion costs through joint marketing efforts.

Benefits of the Egility Alliance program include early access to pre-release product versions, access to a certification program, product training, Web site listings, newsletters, information via an informative extranet and co-marketing opportunities.

To date, participants in the MERANT Egility Alliance program include Sun Microsystems, IBM, Microsoft, Compaq, Mercury Interactive, Advanced Software Technologies Inc., TBI, WebMethods, QSS, BEA Systems Inc., GemStone Systems Inc., Inprise, Cerebellum Software, DataJunction, DataFlux and IONA.

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