ServicePort/400 Gives AS/400 Domino Users Real-Time ERP Access

Joanna Doyle

Corning Data Services Inc. (Corning, N.Y.) has introduced ServicePort/400, a self-service portal for business-to-business use.

ServicePort/400 is a Web-based portal designed to allow customers, sales forces, distributors, business partners, and customer service/support personnel to gain access to an easy-to-use, browser-based interface to their company’s AS/400 ERP data. The product is a Domino-based Web application and can be configured and secured at the user level. It is deployed on the AS/400 Dedicated Server for Domino.

The online portal enables customers and staff to retrieve secure, real-time information regarding orders, invoices, product information, inventory, customer profiles, pricing and more.

ServicePort/400 is sold as part of a comprehensive package that includes software, hardware and implementation services. It is priced around $100,000.

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