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FastComm Goes Full Availability of the ChanlComm 7790 Controller

FastComm Communications Corp. announced that the ChanlComm 7790 Communications Controller is ready for its commercial debut in the compatible mainframe marketplace.

The ChanlComm 7790 gives the IBM mainframe user the ability to perform high-speed SNA/SDLC/Bisync and LAN communications without the need for a traditional front-end processor or associated, costly software products.

The ChanlComm 7790 connects directly to mainframes, providing communications between the mainframe and the remote network. It provides a customer with the ability to make additions or changes to its SNA, Bisync and PU4 communications networks, thereby circumventing the need for costly licensed SNA software from IBM. The ChanlComm 7790’s architecture allows four units to be stacked, providing up to 256 lines operating at full T1/E1 speed simultaneously. Changes and reconfigurations can be performed while the equipment is fully operational with no need to bring the entire network down for maintenance.

Amdahl and NetEffect Ally

Amdahl Corporation and NetEffect Corp., an Internet and networking converged applications specialist, announced a new initiative aimed at assisting major corporations with the explosive growth of Internet applications.

The alliance between Amdahl and NetEffect will give customers and prospects the ability to choose a single vendor to supply the entire infrastructure of their data- and Web centers. Amdahl offers a wide range of infrastructure services collectively called InfraCare. Two of the InfraCare offerings are Web services (webCare) and network services (netCare). NetEffect offers a full life cycle of advanced services in architecture and infrastructure, management and measurement and converged applications.

As a result of this alliance, customers will have the benefit of a seamless capability to design, architect, build, manage, operate and maintain all center components from end-user login at network point of entry through to software, distributed servers and mainframes, networked storage and operations.

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LockStar Alerts eBusinesses to Security Risks and Breaches

In a move to alert companies to the significant security risks they may be taking with their ebusiness strategy, LockStar announced a program offering companies an opportunity to have a complimentary half-day procedural audit of one of their Web applications to identify common security pitfalls in their business-to-business e-commerce systems. The audit will be based on LockStar’s newly released whitepaper, Becoming a Secure eBusiness: Avoiding Common Security Pitfalls, which identifies the security mistakes companies often make in their rush to embrace e-business. The paper may be downloaded at Lockstar’s Web site at

By downloading the white paper, a company becomes eligible for a security audit. This audit, valued at $15,000, will consist of a half-day visit by two LockStar security experts to specifically audit a company’s Web applications and walk IT personnel through any common security mistakes as identified in the new white paper. The company selected will be announced in April on the LockStar Web site.

The paper addresses five typical security failures: Trusting the Web server, lack of end-to-end user authentication, SSL from the browser to the Web server only, Web applications vulnerabilities and security implemented by non-security experts.

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IBM Distributes Landmark Solutions

IBM has decided to include several of Landmark Systems Corp.’s products with their 0S/390 SystemPac program. SystemPac is designed to aid companies in the planning, installation, customization and maintenance of their 0S/390 systems. SystemPac also allows the integration of IBM and third-party software.

Landmark provides management software for companies’ technology systems and e-business operations.

Landmark will provide the following products for SystemPac: The Monitor for CICS (CICS/ESA), The Monitor for DB2, The Monitor for DBControl, The Monitor for MQSeries, The Monitor for MVS, The Monitor for VTAM, NaviPlex and NaviGraph.

IBM sends SystemPac to customers on a single customized tape, allowing for ease of installation and implementation. The composite effectively allows customers to chose IBM products and appropriate solutions all at once, streamlining the process over all.

For more information, visit their Web site at Wireless Enablement Service Inc.’s ResQEnable is a fast and reliable route for rolling out wireless access to mainframe and AS/400 applications. Using ResQEnable, enterprises can quickly implement solutions that enable customers and outside personnel to access vital mainframe, AS400 and legacy applications via wireless devices including wireless Palm PDA’s, Pocket PCs, Windows CE products and browser-enabled PDA devices and cell phones.

With the ResQEnable solution, sends one or more GUI consultants to the customer site to wireless-enable the applications. Using technology based on’s ResQ/ME (Results Quickly – Mobile Express) software, ResQEnable does not require any changes to be made to the mainframe application or mainframe software. With no programming or scripting, the applications are Palm-enabled using’s drag-and-drop development tools, creating the appropriate dialogs for interacting with wireless devices based on the actual screens displayed by the mainframe application.

The ResQ/ME-based ResQEnable wireless enablement technology presents screens graphically, with clickable hot spots and links using the standard Palm user interface guidelines. ResQ/ME can be integrated easily with most popular application servers including IBM Websphere, SQL capable databases such as MS SQL server, Oracle, Sybase, etc., residing on a variety of platforms, HTML links to Web servers, MQSeries middleware and other sources.

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PeopleSoft, IBM Expand Partnership

PeopleSoft Inc. and IBM announced an agreement to expand the companies’ global sales, marketing, and development relationship around IBM DB2 Universal Database. IBM also announced the general availability of DB2 Universal Database Version 7.

As part of this agreement, PeopleSoft will use DB2 Universal Database as the company’s primary UNIX development platform for PeopleSoft 8. The companies’ collaboration will enable customers to implement PeopleSoft 8 eBusiness applications on DB2 across a variety of platforms, including Windows 2000 and NT, AIX and OS/390, Linux, HP-UX and Sun Solaris. PeopleSoft e7.5 applications are now available on IBM’s DB2 Universal Database with Sun Solaris and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 platforms.

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Aquisoft Changes Name

Aquisoft Inc. has changed its company name to InnerAccess Technologies Inc., DBA. The name change is effective September 15, 2000. There is no change to the company’s Toronto address or telephone numbers. The company’s new URL is:

The following items need to be modified to reflect to the name change: hyperlinks to Aquisoft, any reference to Aquisoft or Aquisoft products including Sinfonia Suite and InnerAccess, e-mail addresses, physical mail sent to Aquisoft, automated courier company addresses in your computer’s database, faxes sent to Aquisoft and any third-party references to Aquisoft.

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