ShowCase Introduces Newest Version of EIP Solution

Expanding its partnership with IntraNet Solutions, Inc. (Eden Prairie, Minn.), Rochester, Minn.-based ShowCase Corp. has responded to customer demand for increased business personalization and Web site development in the newest version of its Enterprise Information Portal (EIP).

An end-to-end Web content management solution, Xpedio provides rapid deployment of scalable B2B and business-to-employee applications.
The ShowCase EIP now integrates version 4.0 of IntraNet’s Xpedio Web content management system with STRATEGY, ShowCase’s data warehousing and business intelligence suite. ShowCase maintains a licensing agreement with IntraNet, giving it rights to sell Xpedio as part of the EIP solution to its AS/400 customer base.

An end-to-end Web content management solution, Xpedio provides rapid deployment of scalable B2B and business-to-employee intranet and extranet applications. The latest release features expanded searching and indexing, business personalization and Web site development and publishing capabilities.

By integrating Xpedio 4.0, the ShowCase EIP has enhanced its B2B capabilities with new features such as expanded Web content management capabilities that facilitate real-time contribution, management and distribution of information between multiple sources.

"The EIP market is projected to double in size within the next two years and, just over the past year, the EIP space has grown from virtually non-existent to overwhelming," says Theresa O'Neil, ShowCase's vice president of Marketing. "Fueling this demand is the need for advanced EIP solutions that marry e-business intelligence with customer relationship, supply chain and financial data management. Along with IntraNet Solutions, we're very pleased to offer our worldwide customers an even more powerful, personalized and enhanced solution that brings the benefits of Web content and Enterprise Intelligence directly to the desktops of decision-makers."

The newest version of ShowCase EIP includes enhanced security and greater personalization, enabling users to perform dynamic queries of their organization's centralized content library, giving them access to information as soon as it's approved for release. The ability to share and act on structured (ERP) and unstructured information (spreadsheets) will enable system administrators and other users to make more informed collaborative decision-making. Xpedio 4.0 also makes it easier for decision-makers to personalize their "view" of structured and unstructured data by including in their user profile detailed information about their job title, division or project responsibilities.

To speed up Web site development, Xpedio 4.0 takes the site content that is translated into HTML and then automatically generates a workflow process that allows each contributor to preview, correct and approve the results. The updated solution also lets users "subscribe" to view certain information regularly and to receive notification when this content is updated.

Report Parser is another new addition to the enhanced ShowCase EIP. This component is architected in Java and supports XML as well as HTML and PDF formats, allowing the direct Web publishing of spool files from an IBM AS/400 server.

The ShowCase EIP solution, which includes Xpedio 4.0, is available immediately in the United States and in Europe. Pricing begins at $100,000.

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