ACOM Enhances EZPrint/400 to Expand Performance

Fredrik Johnsen

E-business solution provider ACOM Solutions (Long Beach, Calif.), has released Phase One of its newly enhanced, enterprise-class EZPrint/400 electronic form, check and label software system (Version 4.8.0).

EZPrint/400 enables users to design company business forms, MICR checks and barcode labels either on the standard green screen or using a drag-and-drop, PC-resident GUI design tool, store the formats as electronic templates on the AS/400, and print documents as needed.

The new version is characterized by its modular, scalable architecture and by the capability to send completed documents to printers, as well as fax and e-mail, directly from AS/400s. The new fax/e-mail options can also be used to output documents to individual addresses and fax machines virtually anywhere in the world.

"We are extremely excited about the new directions we are taking with EZPrint/400," says Mark Firmin, VP of sales, ACOM. "Phase One represents our kick-off point and we are scheduled to introduce significant additional enhancements to the solution during the next two or three calendar quarters. These enhancements will position EZPrint/400 as a powerful enterprise-level solution with not only conventional but a comprehensive range of e-commerce capabilities that currently are not available to companies using the AS/400 computer as their enterprise computing platform."

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