ASNA Targets New Customers With Upgrade Promotion Program

Jim Martin

ASNA (Amalgamated Software of North America, Inc., San Antonio), recently announced "Step Up to AVR Competitive Upgrade," a new offering that allows AS/400 shops, with qualifying competing products, to upgrade to ASNA Visual RPG/Caviar (AVR) and receive one free AVR developer license.

A Windows-based application development environment, AVR creates both Windows and Web applications for the AS/400 and NT/2000 server. It provides both fixed-format RPG syntax and a CL-like RPG hybrid syntax for application development.

Under terms of the offer, through December 31, 2000, AS/400 shops with licensed copies of IBM's VisualAge for RPG, VisualAge for Java or WebSphere Development Tools; any of Jacada or Seagull's screen scraper products; LANSA for the WEB or LANSA for Windows; or SystemObject's Delphi/400 or ActiveObjects/400 can upgrade to ASNA's AVR and get a free developer's seat license.

The Step Up to AVR Competitive Upgrade includes three developer seats and two weeks of training. In place of the free AVR developer seat, qualifying customers may instead choose a single license of ASNA's Database Toolbox for VB, C++ and Java.

"ASNA's biggest competition isn't from our competitors' products--but rather from our prospects' fear of failure. Many AS/400 shops are desperate for success with their Windows and Web development projects and have spent lots of time and money trying to achieve success with competing products, but still success eludes them,” says ASNA President Anne Ferguson. “I talk daily to AS/400 decision makers who fear for their job if they have one more failed project. At ASNA, we are sure these shops can be successful with AVR. ASNA's Step Up to AVR Competitive Upgrade provides these "refugees" of failed AS/400 application development projects a great opportunity to acquire ASNA's AVR. AVR leverages existing AS/400 developer skills and works equally well for both Windows and Web development. There's never been a better time to get started with AVR. It will put your AS/400 shop on the road to application development success!"

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