Level 8 Systems Introduces Two New E-Business Solutions for HP Community

Jim Martin

Level 8 Systems (Cary, N.C.), a global provider of high performance eBusiness integration software, will unveil the two newest components of its Geneva High Performance Integration Platform—the Geneva Enterprise Integrator and the Geneva Business Process Automator-- to the Hewlett-Packard user community during HP World 2000, being held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center September 11-13.

These two new components of the Geneva High Performance Integration Platform will provide HP users with a complete enterprise solution for developing next-generation eApplications.

Geneva Enterprise Integrator is based on the Level 8 Hyperspeed Architecture, a business object integration approach that provides a single object view of enterprise resources enabling, two-way, real-time performance between Web applications, legacy systems and ePartners. By enabling instantaneous request and response over the Web, the Geneva Enterprise Integrator improves customer service.

The other new offering, Geneva Business Process Automator, empowers non-technical business staff to automate existing business processes such as order processing and account queries. It also can quickly and easily define new business processes.

"The Geneva High Performance Integration Platform provides enterprises with the means to build a robust eBusiness infrastructure that seamlessly integrates the Web-based eBusiness front office, the traditional back office and ePartners," says Richard Phelps, senior VP of worldwide marketing for Level 8 Systems. "Both Geneva Enterprise Integrator and Geneva Business Process Automator are based on technology that has been proven to handle high-volume transactions and provide real-time response."

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