Computer Associates Announces BF&M Insurance User of COOL:Plex

Fredrik Johnsen

Computer Associates International, Inc. (Islandia, N.Y.), an e-business solutions provider, has announced that BF&M Insurance Group (Hamilton, Bermuda) will use CA’s COOL:Plex e-business application to accelerate the delivery of its “e-surance” service, a facility that delivers some of BF&M’s products via the Web.

"The challenge for us was that we had all our back office systems and data on the AS/400, and we really didn't want to waste time, money, and reliability with bridges to the front end," says Hugh O'Neill, vice president of information systems for the BF&M Insurance Group. "Using COOL:Plex and Websydian, the solution we have now is absolutely superb in terms of integration, reliability and seamlessness.”

In bringing its products to the Web, BF&M needs to maintain real-time access to its backend AS/400-based IT environment, without compromising the security of its overall infrastructure. Also, the company wants to leverage its expertise and investment in COOL:2E, CA’s application tool for AS/400 environments, which BF&M has been using for a some time. BF&M has decided to implement COOL:Plex, together with Websydian patterns, to enable the creation of a browser based HTML application.

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