SEAGULL and Mainline Partner for Success

Continuing the partnership trend in the market, SEAGULL (Atlanta), a provider of e-business enabling software technology, announced a strategic partnership with Mainline Information Systems (Tallahassee, Fla.), a provider of IBM information technology products.

Through the alliance, SEAGULL will deliver its Web-enabling solutions to Mainline’s IBM hardware customers. One of the largest suppliers of IBM hardware products, Mainline’s customer base includes S/390, AS/400, RS/6000, Numa-Q, and Netfinity users. By partnering with SEAGULL, Mainline will now be able to offer its customers the products needed to implement e-business solutions.

“SEAGULL is a natural fit in Mainline’s efforts to provide our customers the e-business enabling technology they are seeking. With SEAGULL technology, our customer shave the ability to quickly and easily bring business processes and data stored in enterprise servers to the Wen without extensive re-coding,” says Andy Ross, director of marketing for Mainline. “We evaluated several products and based on the superiority of WinJa and numerous customer endorsements, chose to align with SEAGULL.”

For SEAGULL, the partnership gives the company the opportunity to tap into Mainline’s customer base, says Scott Johnson, director of strategic alliances at SEAGULL. “The partnership came about during a meeting between SEAGULL and Mainline president and CEO Rick Kearney at an e-business show in San Francisco last fall,” he says. “With Mainline being the largest S/390 reseller in the US, we realized it would make a strong partner.”

SEAGULL is the latest company that Mainline has formed strategic business partnerships with in order to meet their customer’s needs. Other partners include American Software, Lawson Software, PMSC, Educational Data Resources, and Viaserv. “Mainline had a list of potential partners, but chose only a few,” says Johnson. “For Mainline, the partnership allows the company to deliver e-business solutions to its customers.”

As Ross mentioned, WinJa--a product that enables mainframe applications to be deployed for rapid e-business innovation through extensible Java, Windows and browser GUI thin clients--was especially important to Mainline. WinJa includes developer tools, server software, and portable “viewer” technology for building Java, browser and Windows GUI thin clients AS/400, S/390 and compatible mainframe applications in an open, non-invasive architecture. According to the SEAGULL website, WinJa can help its users “get to e-business faster,” and to add new features.

Mainline’s e-business initiative, in addition to the partnership with SEAGULL, includes en e-business consulting group, NCGi, that provides Web integration, design, and hosting services.At the moment, an expansion of the partnership is not planned, says Jenny Beers, director of public relations at SEAGULL. She says that the company is still seeking out new partnerships.17 entrepreneurs founded SEAGULL in the Netherlands in 1990. The company, which initially focused on its expertise in developing and implementing customized, integrated software solutions for specific client requirement in the AS/400 market, has expanded into the mainframe market over the last two years. The company is traded on the Amsterdam Exchange.

Mainline Information Systems, Inc. was founded in 1989 and is a provider of information technology solutions in the U.S. The company is a Premier IBM Business Partner and provides IBM products, consulting, services and solutions. Mainline’s fields of expertise are within enterprise servers, technology consulting and services, and solutions for education.

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