Sun Releases Updated Solaris

Sun Microsystems’ latest release of its Solaris 8 Operating Environment includes more than 30 new features and enhancements. These additions, which include performance optimizations for Sun's new systems using the UltraSPARC IIImicroprocessor, are designed to deliver increased system availability while simplifying system management.

In addition, Sun is extending the Solaris Application Guarantee program to the new UltraSPARC III microprocessor-based systems. This program ensures that existing applications will continue to run unmodified as new hardware and releases of Solaris are integrated into customers' environments. This reduces the costs of introducing new products and technologies into existing environments.

New features designed to increase system availability and system management include:

* IP Network Multipathing - When more than one network interface card (NIC) is installed in a system, network load can be spread over multiple NICs which provides a failover capability.

* Mobile IP - Enables a mobile device to be accessible at a fixed IP address, regardless of where that device is connecting to the Internet.

* Solaris WBEM Services - This set of extensions makes Solaris Operating Environment manageable by tools from enterprise vendors other than Sun.

The Solaris 8 Operating Environment and co-packaged software will be available later this month. Through the Free Binary License program, Solaris 8 is available for use on an unlimited number of systems with eight or fewer processors for the cost of media ($75.00) and shipping. For more information visit

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