Paul Maritz

PaulMaritz, group vice president, platforms strategy and developer group, isretiring after 14 years at Microsoft Corp. He will be available to Microsoft asa consultant on strategic and business issues. The high-ranking and influentialexec’s departure was signaled last July when Microsoft announced he was steppingback from day-to-day operational duties. He was the first Microsoft employee totake the witness stand in the Justice Department's antitrust case against it.Maritz also had been heavily involved in work on Microsoft’s new .NET strategy.



Maritzwon’t be directly replaced, but Sanjay Parthasarathy will take on a newlycreated developer evangelism and business development role. Parthasarathy,formerly a vice president reporting to Maritz, will report directly topresident and CEO Steve Ballmer, who describes the new role as being“responsible for driving business and technology relationships with a few keyISVs, dot-coms, and venture capitalists.” Yuval Neeman, vice president of thedeveloper division, will report to Jim Allchin. Chris Atkinson, vice presidentfor .NET developer solutions, will report to Paul Flessner, the senior vicepresident in charge of enterprise servers inside Allchin’s group.

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