Take a Test Drive of Compaq’s IA64 Systems

Compaq Computer Corporation is offering the information technology community the opportunity to try out the emerging Intel Itanium 64-bit processor technology via Compaq's New Technologies Test Drive program.

Compaq New Technologies Test Drive is a year-old program that allows visitors worldwide to sample Compaq's Alpha and ProLiant server technology online for free. Further, member companies of the Compaq Solutions can securely access behind a firewall Compaq's IA64 ProLiant Server and other Compaq systems, for in-depth testing of legacy code and development work. The Test Drive Web site has generated more than four million hits as visitors have tried out more than 40,000 "test drives" of Compaq and partner products.

"This is the only Web site where developers can, without charge, access an IA64 system running Linux," said Matti Virtanen, Compaq Vice President for Worldwide Distribution Channels. "We will also continue to add value for our CSA members by incorporating additional operating systems, allowing them to work securely on the IA64 behind a firewall and giving them a competitive advantage with this new platform."

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