Amdahl and @Outcome Announce Strategic Alliance

Amdahl Corporation and @Outcome Inc. announced a new strategic alliance aimed at the health care industry to increase the productivity and effectiveness of orthopedic, cardiology, oncology and other specialty care physicians at the point of care.

The alliance will continue to target @Outcome's direct customer base of medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers who utilize and redistribute @Outcome's technologies to their physician customers. The alliance relies on @Outcome's Web-based product set, the Care Process Portal (CPP), and point of care applications that connect physicians and their clinic staff with their patients, medical technology suppliers, employers and other local market trading partners. As information is gathered through clinical workflow and documentation application technology, the CPP also generates a database that spans from patient referral to outcome, enabling physicians and their trading partners to measure, manage, and analyze overall outcomes data. This data gathering is automated and designed to follow a physician's daily workflow, as well as manage collaboration with suppliers, hospitals, and medical device or pharmaceutical companies over @Outcome's Web-based portals.

While @Outcome continues to focus on the development of best practice methodologies and health care industry subject matter expertise, Amdahl Corporation will focus on operational and network infrastructure needs, business continuance and service level assurance for the same solutions.

Amdahl's ongoing contribution will also include: technology architecture, data center and storage management, network operations, service level agreements, high-availability and asset inventory management requirements. Amdahl will also help assure the remote deployment, support, and maintenance of @Outcome's technology requirements for each @Outcome customer and patient care.

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