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Attachmate’s DATABridge

Attachmate’s DATABridge v. 4.0 offers a solution for data replication capable of providing access in near realtime to Unisys ClearPath HMP NX/LX and A Series DMSII data for decision support or integrating production data into a data warehouse or data mart. DATABridge v. 4.0 provides users and developers access to selected data tables without impacting the production database, making e-business solutions safer and easier. DATABridge v 4.0 replicates a DMSII database without shutting it down, and replicates data to another DMSII data table on the Unisys mainframe allowing a large percentage of work to be off-loaded from production systems. For more information, visit their Web site at

Computing Edge’s UNIX Inventory + Solution

Computing Edge’s UNIX Inventory + Solution leverages the administrative functions of Microsoft’s System Management Server (SMS) to simplify management of a heterogeneous client/server environment by channeling UNIX software and hardware inventory data into an SMS database. Network administrators can then achieve a total picture of their entire environment from a centralized LAN management console, or from any Web browser. The benefits include: locating undetected assets, helping to ensure software license compliance and providing a means for proactive troubleshooting. For more information, (800) 585-7002, or visit their Web site at

Telamon’s TelAlert 5.1

Telamon Inc.’s TelAlert 5.1 adds two-way notification capability for users of HP OpenView VantagePoint, which is WAP-enabled, to ensure instant communication and remote response over, virtually, any wireless standard supported by major service providers. Telamon adds VantagePoint Operations certification to its existing certified integrations with OpenView Network Node Manager, ManageX and IT/O. Additionally, TelAlert supports Motient’s ARDIS network, allowing remote users to communicate interactively using RIM devices. TelAlert 5.1 is integrated with help desk and systems management applications. For more information, visit their Web site at

CSE HTML Validator Version 4.50

AI Internet Solutions’ Version 4.50 of CSE HTML Validator Professional is the development software for the creation of syntactically correct HTML documents. Among the new features in the new version are: an integrated Web browser; an upgraded Batch Wizard for checking the links of an entire site given a single URL; an improved interface with an integrated editor for quickly editing and fixing any document problems; and automatic link checking anytime a document is validated. For more information, visit their Web site at

Atipa’s File Server and File Server Plus

Atipa Corporation’s new File Server and File Server Plus are entry-level and midrange file servers that can be integrated into Linux, Windows or UNIX platforms. File Server and File Server Plus feature a pre-installed, internal tape backup system powered by BRU. File Server is an entry-level server with built-in floppy, CD and tape drives designed for small-to-medium-sized companies with up to 100 users sharing files and smaller databases. File Server Plus is designed for larger companies with over 100 users, or for companies that share graphics files over 500 MB. For more information, call (800) 360-4346, or visit

Unisys’ e-@ction ClearPath Enterprise Server NX6820

Unisys’ e-@ction ClearPath Enterprise Server NX6820 has improved upon the high-end performance of the mainframe-class ClearPath NX family by approximately 50 percent over previous models. The ClearPath NX6820 system was developed to meet the demands for continuous availability generated by the increasingly high-transaction volumes required for e-business. The growth in transaction rates has led to an increased demand for enterprise servers, offering mission-critical, mainframe-class attributes. For more information, visit the Unisys’ Web site at

Richard Power’s Tangled Web

Editorial Director for the Computer Security Institute (CSI) Richard Power’s new book, Tangled Web: Tales of Digital Crime from the Shadows of Cyberspace, reveals details of major cybercrime investigations. Drawing on Power’s interviews with investigators, prosecutors and Internet security experts, as well as actual criminal affidavits and other court documents, Tangled Web chronicles more than a dozen high-profile cases from recent years. You can purchase Tangled Web at

Sharpeware NetWatch 2

Sharpeware’s NetWatch 2 is a program designed for Microsoft Windows NT and 2000, Novell NetWare and UNIX, NetWatch 2, which keeps network managers informed about their servers and users, wherever they are. NetWatch remotely monitors servers without the need for special agents. Key data, such as memory, disk or open files can be logged – or the "Tell Me When" feature can be used to automatically generate alerts by pager, e-mail and more. The Alert Log tracks all problems and when they are cleared. The VolWatch feature gives a constantly refreshed single view of storage status across all servers, whatever their type. For more information, visit their Web site at

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