Red Oak Announces Availability of Legacy Integrator

Fredrik Johnsen

Red Oak Software, Inc. (Mountain Lakes, N.J.), a solutions provider for legacy and Web e-business integration, has announced the availability of the Legacy Integrator, a data stream emulation product allowing all terminal-based legacy applications to be integrated with any major EAI or B2Bi systems.

"Every CIO wants the ability to easily integrate critical legacy data in real-time with their new eBusiness initiatives,” says George Cummings, Red Oak President and CEO. “Over the last two years, application integration has proven it yields tremendous productivity benefits. Legacy Integrator is the only all-Java product available that truly enables efficient integration with any EAI or B2Bi infrastructure. Whether the integration effort is required to support B2Bi for customers, partners and vendors or internal efficiency requirements via EAI, Legacy Integrator will enable businesses to further leverage their internal systems and capture additional return on their significant investment in legacy systems. We are extremely pleased that four major customers have already acquired this innovative product for significant integration projects."

Legacy Integrator features 100 percent Java, full programmatic integration with any EAI or B2Bi infrastructure includes SDK and Runtime Environment, seamless, fully automated approach, Adapters/Connectors provide integration with all Java APIs, resource leverage, legacy applications unchanged, access to any terminal-based legacy application - 390, AS/400, Digital and Unix, and standard industry protocols.

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