QIS International Launches GenProTec Software Development Tools

Fredrik Johnsen

QIS International Ltd. (Sunderland, England) has announced the launch of new software development tools – GenProTec – that are to provide a means of easily creating and updating software programs for the AS/400, ensuring that computer systems are capable of storing, accessing and analyzing the ever-increasing amounts of data required. They will also allow business managers to act on more accurate and relevant information to help in the decision making process within a company, according to a QIS press release.

“The market has been crying out for the technology, and we have created GenProTec that is a direct response to those needs,” says Jim Hope, founder of QIS International. “After the October launch in the UK, we will begin marketing it worldwide, with the help of the business support team at BIC (Business & Innovation Centre), who have already provided us with invaluable information on finance, grants and international marketing.”

According to QIS, GenProTec can help reduce or even remove the need to employ experienced programmers, as it is able to guide the typical user through the whole creation process. This eliminates the cost overheads of companies in employing highly paid contract programmers and allows their own development staff to reduce user requests for amendments and new programs.

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