Help/Systems Launches New Features

Fredrik Johnsen

Help/Systems (Minnetonka, Minn.), developer of the Robot Automated Operations Solution for the iSeries 400 and AS/400 systems, has announced the product now supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and version 4.0 of Robot/ALERT can now notify operators and administrators of critical system events by e-mail.

Using Robot/NETWORK and SNMP, users can set up a TCP/IP or SNA network of multiple iSeries and AS/400 machines that escalates system events from Nodes to designated Hosts to an enterprise monitor for immediate attention. The communication is one-way; events are sent to the enterprise monitor, but replies cannot be sent back to Robot/NETWORK.

Robot/NETWORK is Help/Systems free network management software for managing iSeries and AS/400 networks running Robot Automated OperationsSolution products. SNMP is a popular TCP/IP network management standard that is supported by most UNIX-based and NT-based enterprise management tools. SNMP sends system data (such as exceptions) in a predefined structure (or trap) for interpretation and use by enterprise monitor software.

With Robot/ALERT now being able to notify operators and administrators of critical events by e-mail, the product maintains security because the TCP/IP port can send messages out only. Help/Systems indicate that the new feature is easy to set up, and the enhancement is for Release 4.0, Modification level 25, dated 10/27/00.

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