New Products for the Enterprise

LANutil32 Suite Version 5

Vector Networks' LANutil32 Suite version 5 now uses ODBC to access the LANutil32 Suite Database. LANutil32 Suite version 5 allows for complete visibility of all networked PCs, and provides accurate hardware configuration information. With over 30 new reports supplied, PCs are grouped into lists of processor types, operating systems and other characteristics. LANutil32 Suite prices range from $120 for a 10 PC license to $36 per PC at the 1,000 PC level. A fully functional evaluation copy can be downloaded from Vector's Web site. For more information, call (800) 330-5035, or visit their Web site at Goes XML

SAP, AG has certified Mercator Commerce Broker for XML Communication with to enable business-to-business transaction flows between any company and customers. Using Mercator Commerce Broker, customers can now transform their business documents from any enterprise application to XML formats. Mercator currently provides interface integration support for SAP customers in its Mercator E-business Broker suite of products. For more information, visit

Fuzzy Logic Overclocking Software

MSI Computer Corp.'s Fuzzy Logic supports two separate modes of operations: automatic overclocking and manual overclocking. While the automatic overclocking feature allows anyone to overclock their system to the optimal settings, the manual overclocking mode allows users to manually overclock their front side bus settings for extreme overclocking. Fuzzy Logic also identifies the true specifications of the CPU, and performs a pretest to ensure system stability. Fuzzy Logic supports MSI's 820 chipset series and BX-Master motherboards. For more information, visit

AcceleRAID 170LP

Mylex's Ultra 160 SCSI-based AcceleRAID 170LP is a RAID controller designed for low-profile, high-density rack-mounted Intel processor-based servers. It can be used in 2U-high server enclosures without a riser card, and 1U-high server applications with a riser card. The AcceleRAID 170LP has a single Ultra 160 SCSI LVD channel that is capable of supporting data transfer rates of 160 MB/second. It has an Intel i960RS 100-MHZ RISC processor, and features a 32-bit PCI bus at 33 MHz. For more information, call (800) 77-MYLEX, or visit

ETI Accelerator for MQSeries

Evolutionary Technologies International's ETI Accelerator facilitates realtime and batch data movement between incompatible systems, using IBM's MQSeries messaging software. The ETI Accelerator adds read and write access to legacy data, data transformation and metadata management to data messaging by acting as an interface between MQSeries and a database, file or application by moving information from these sources on and off MQSeries queues. For more information, visit

SBC-MediaGX Development Kit

Arcom Control Systems Inc.'s SBC-MediaGX Windows Embedded Development Kit contains a complete set of components to enable the development of new Windows NT Embedded-based applications. The kit includes the software drivers, cables and documentation to support all on-board features of Arcom's SBC-MediaGRX. The kit is supplied with either a 128MB Flash module (Class 2 for Workstation products) or a 2.1 GB 2.5" hard drive (Class 4 for Server systems). For more information, call (888) 941-2224, or visit their Web site at

WinZip 8.0 Now Available

WinZip Computing Inc.'s WinZip 8.0 includes several enhancements, including a Zip and E-Mail feature that zips documents, and attaches the zip file to an e-mail message without leaving the Explorer. Also enhanced is Wizard, which can now create and update files, and extract and install from MIME and other encoded files. WinZip 8.0 requires Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 or 2000. Individual copies of WinZip 8.0 are $29, including postage and handling. For more information, visit

Deneba's Canvas 7

Deneba Software's Canvas 7 Standard Edition (SE) provides a set of graphics capabilities designed to meet the needs of small business users, students and home users. Canvas 7 SE offers non-graphics professionals all the tools needed to create high-quality graphics to be laser printed or placed on the Web. It includes illustration features, SpriteLayer transparency tools, SpriteEffect filter capabilities, Web design features, image editing tools and page layout features. Canvas 7 SE is available for Macintosh OS and for Windows. For more information, call (305) 596-5644, or visit their Web site at

HelpLynx and HelpTrac Web

Monarch Bay Software Inc.'s HelpLynx and HelpTrac Web features support its HelpTrac help desk/customer support software system. HelpLynx enhances internal help desk support. HelpTrac Web allows a business' help desk to communicate with users through the Internet. Both HelpLynx and HelpTrac Web allow end users to look up solutions on a Solution Tree, enter help requests, search status of existing tickets and reference notes and materials provided by help desk area for information and training purposes. HelpLynx also enables companies to post daily schedules, policies and procedures, company notices and an internal newsletter. For more information, call (800) 450-6250, or visit

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