Fujitsu Introduces Three Thin-Client Servers

Looking topenetrate the US thin-client market, Fujitsu Technology Solutions (FTS)recently announced three new Intel architecture-based Primergy servers: theTS120, TS220, and ES320. These compact, rack-optimized servers are designed toaddress the low cost and space-saving needs of ISPs and application serviceproviders (ASPs).

Theannouncement comes on the heels of Fujitsu’s push to enter the North Americanopen systems market. In November, the $50 billion company launched FTS to sellUnix systems, Intel architecture systems, and network attached-storage in theUS.

ThePrimergy TS120 and TS220 are Web server platforms, while the Primergy ES320 isan application server. Primergy TS120 is a 1U, mass-rackable server that comeswith an 800-MHz or 933-MHz Pentium III processor. It can be programmed, loaded,and booted remotely for easy operation and lower cost of ownership.

The TS220is also a 1U rack-mountable server, but contains two 800-MHz or 933-MHz PentiumIII processors for companies that need a higher performance infrastructuresolution for first-tier Internet usage, shared hosting services, or as aworkgroup server.

The ES320has a rack-optimized 4U footprint for the data center, offers two 1-GHz PentiumIII processors, 4 GB of memory, and up to 192 GB of internal disk storage.

A recentreport by IDC says the growing number of Internet-related businesses andservices has resulted in an increased need for Intel-based servers. Accordingto IDC, rack-optimized servers are emerging as one of the strongest segmentsfor growth in the server space. With the introduction of these servers, FTS ishoping to position itself as a player in this rapidly growing market.

Despite itsintentions, Jonathan Eunice, server technologies analyst at Illuminata, doesnot see Fujitsu making major inroads into the US market. “In the US, Dell,Compaq, IBM, and others have better brand recognition,” he says. “When themajor suppliers are weak, second-tier companies can do well. However, a lot ofcompanies have great products in this space, so I’m not particularlyoptimistic.”

Eunice wasquick to point out that his concern stemmed more from a sales point of view,rather than a product point of view. “Fujitsu has great products, but as stronga company as they are, they just don’t have a US preference,” he added. “Theirinternational sales team is much stronger than their US sales team. Companiessuch as Fujitsu, Toshiba, or Hitachi aren’t good in retail. However, they cando well selling directly to large ISPs or ASP.”


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