Nine Companies Join to Provide Complete B-to-B Content Solutions

Liaison, a provider of software products that aggregate and deliver supplier catalog content for e-business solutions, announced the creation of the Liaison Content Solution Network. Designed to help provide a complete content management solution for customers, the Liaison Content Solution Network is comprised of companies offering products and services that are complementary to Liaison's product lines. Nine companies have joined the network, including VerticalNet Solutions, KhiMetrics, InterNetivity, CardoNet, eXcelon, ByteManagers, Data Fusion Technologies, Net Quotient and Uniband.

While many companies offer content management products, no single company provides a complete solution today. Liaison created the Content Solution Network so that companies can partner and ensure the delivery of a comprehensive content solution to customers. For participating companies, the program includes customer referrals and joint sales calls, co-marketing programs, sales and technical training and pre-sales technical support. The Liaison Content Solution Network includes three different types of partners:

  • Technology alliance partners - companies offering products that work in conjunction with Liaison products
  • Channel partners - companies that will resell Liaison's products, either as a stand alone offering or embedded into its own product line
  • Consulting and services partners - companies that have experience implementing e-commerce solutions and are in a position to recommend content management solutions

"Too often, companies create partnerships that in reality don't mean anything more than having a logo on a Web site," says Suaad Sait, Liaison Chief Marketing Officer. "To make sure that we add value to our partnerships, we have created the Liaison Content Solution Network where Liaison and our partners become an extension of one another. One way we have done this is by establishing joint goals allowing each side to deliver business results as quickly as possible."

"The structure of the Content Solution Network proves that Liaison is committed to helping us meet our customers' content management needs," notes Zev Laderman, President and CEO of VerticalNet Solutions. "Our customers expect us to deliver quality solutions in a timely manner. By participating in the network, we know that Liaison will help us rapidly provide the most complete catalog content solution available today."

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