Candle & iWay Shine Light on E-Business

Candle Corp. and iWay Software (an Information Builders company) have established an OEM agreement to develop a joint e-business integration solution for complex enterprise environments. Under the terms of this agreement, Candle will incorporate iWay Software integration technology into their existing CandleNet eBusiness Platform (eBP). This partnership will extend Candle's existing eBP integration capabilities to over 120 information sources on 35 platforms through iWay Software's Enterprise Adapter Suite, and the joint solution will be available immediately.

"Candle may be best known for its infrastructure monitoring and management tools," says John Senor, President of iWay Software. "Its integration products benefit from this expertise by reacting to their environment in ways that no other product does. For example, eBP detects bottlenecks in the business process and spawns new processes to compensate. That kind of capability gives customers the opportunity to create optimal integration solutions, no matter what workloads or environments are involved. The eBusiness Platform is a world-class e-business integration product, and by partnering with us Candle has gained world-class information-access capabilities to go along with it."

"Companies have extremely high expectations for e-business systems that cannot be met unless those companies fully integrate their enterprise in support of their e-business initiatives. Companies of substantial size usually run their businesses with a mix of custom-built legacy applications and packaged applications," observes Jim Overby, Alliance Program Manager at Candle Corporation. "Unfortunately, these systems were designed and built before anyone knew that they would need to collaborate with other internal systems and business partners' applications."

According to Overby, iWay Software's offering brings more to bear on any given integration project than any other single product offering in the industry today. iWay provides extensions into enterprise information systems, while Candle provides a level of control and business process management.

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